Version 0.5.40 released!

Hello everyone!

This update is a sort of… emergency content update to expand the popular high level zones so there’s more room for people to hunt. While I have my content hat on I decided to take a swing at renovating town so that has gone live too. Oh! And we now have a title screen worthy of 2021 😀

  • New menu screen 😀
  • Brand new town
  • New floor added to Heroes
  • New floor added to Deeper Orcs
  • New floor added to Shamblers
  • Outlaws expanded
  • Inferno given some slight TLC
  • Reflect renamed to Thorns
  • Lava lighting reworked to give a smoother glow
  • Ladder lighting reworked to be more subtle
  • Various other small fixes

As always please post any new bugs or annoyances over in #bugs_glitches on the discord server.

Cheers everyone 🙂

Version 0.5.40 released!
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