Version 0.5.41 released!

Hey everyone, let’s just dive right into it.

  • Chaos gates have been reported appearing around the realm, it is rumoured that sometimes they are active
  • Traps
  • Explosion spell damage increased 10%
  • Rune damage increased 10%
  • Party experience bonus increased by 2% per member, up to 10% (from 5%)
  • Maximum friends increased to 50
  • Bosses are now unaffected by zone respawn rate modifiers
  • 50 and 100 scroll purchase options removed
  • Monsters now correctly use euclidean distance to find the nearest pathable square
  • You can now target yourself to clear your current target
  • Messages with @name in them will appear yellow to the recipient
  • Party UI now clearly displays current experience buff
  • Chat log rewritten, now only retains the last 100 messages
  • Friends list fixes
  • Fix for interacting with Heroes with underscores in their name
  • Fix for rangers still missing at 100% accuracy
  • Fix for insane boss monster currency
  • Fix for monsters not seeking targets if they are unable to find their way home
  • Fix for splash screen not resizing
  • Fix for pasting codes into the UI not triggering a view re-evaluation
  • Fix for purchasing arrows that are equipped not updating inventory capacity
Version 0.5.41 released!
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