Version 0.5.46 released!

Hello everyone,

This is a pre-release of the new spell system to test all of the changes are working as intended. This release sets the foundation for players being responsible for crafting their own resources, as well as establishes the 3 spell rule.

  • Title screen revised, now with more animation
  • Hotkeys HUD rewritten, there are now 3 spell slots
  • Desktop client has 2 extra item hotkeys
  • Hotkeys character screen rewritten, now includes:
    • Spell hotkeys & spellbook
    • Hotkeys HUD shown unique for each platform
  • Spells can be changed when safe (or in town) and not in combat
  • Spell level requirements and cooldowns changed for all classes
  • All runes now have light, medium and heavy variants
  • Mages can now craft all offensive runes (aside from Poison)
  • Offensive runes removed from the shop
  • Rangers can now craft all types of ammunition, including some new types
  • Some types of ammunition are no longer sold in the shop
  • Knights have been given whirlwind with a high cooldown so they got something for now
  • Health, Mana and Nourishment do not change while stood in safe zones
  • Combat oriented actions now have a 1 second global cooldown
  • Health and Mana is no longer restored on death
  • Runes are now sorted neatly
  • Ammunition is now sorted ascending by power
  • Spell cooldowns are now persisted on the server
  • Spell cooldowns are now tracked differently on the client for scalability (lots of spells)
  • Minimum requirements on mobile have gone up, your device must support a texture size of 2048 (up from 1024) – this will mean users on very old devices may no longer be able to start the app, this is necessary as we expand the number of assets used.
  • The mobile client is now compiled against a higher version of the Java language, according to the android developer docs this should not affect anyone but please let me know in discord if you are having any new obvious crash issues or anything like that.

There will be a significant amount of spells being added in the near future for all classes, as well as a new magic class that will be support focused. I felt a release made sense now as these changes are already so significant and things are only going to get more gamechanging from here on. Mana used through spells does not yet contribute to your magic level advancement, this will come in the next release.

As always, please report any bugs on discord in #bugs_glitches! This is a big one folks, this is the start of a player driven economy based on consumables. It should go without saying but cooldowns and such are of course all subject to change, so please keep arms, legs and toys inside the pram at all times.


Update: 0.5.47

Hey everyone, once I got past the small amount of people swearing at me and spamming that mirage was dead forever I took another swing at the conjure arrow spells.

  • Conjure arrow spells now produce 25 arrows (up from 15)
  • Conjure arrow spells now cost significantly less mana
  • Chaos bolt stat buff increased to 200 (up from 100)
  • Conjure rune spells now stipulate that they consume 1 blank rune

Things will be tweaked further as necessary, contrary to what a small contingent kids with broken CAPS LOCK keys, the sky is not in fact falling.


Update: 0.5.48

Alrighty, as I’m not working tomorrow I have stayed up late further tweaking things to put us in hopefully good shape for the weekend.

  • Fix for a bug that would result in the game thinking you were in combat when you were not
  • Potions are no longer on the global cooldown
  • Conjure arrow spells buffed to 40 arrows per cast (up from 25)
  • Fix for chat auto-scrolling to weird places on the desktop client
  • Challenging Throw cooldown reduced to 5 seconds, mana cost reduced to 25, but damage reduced to 75%
  • Chaos arrow cooldown increased to 10 minutes (special arrow is special)

Version 0.5.46 released!
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