Version 0.5.51 released!

Hey everyone,

This release stretches out the active spell progression a bit as you level and also tackles some things I have found annoying while playtesting myself.

  • Making runes now rewards magic experience
  • Regeneration is disabled when stacked on other players
  • Challenging throw no longer taunts mobs until rank 1
  • Certain spells have had their damage, mana usage and cooldowns halved so you will be pressing buttons moar
  • Certain spells have been split out into ranks to lessen the uber power of lower level players and provide some additional progression
  • The d-pad no longer loses focus on mobile when you switch zones
  • The scrolling chat window on the desktop client should now behave itself

As always everything is subject to change, please report any new issues on the discord. Cheers.

Version 0.5.51 released!
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