Version 0.5.52 released!

Just a small one, it’ll be a slow week this week as I have other RL obligations (still working on my bloody kitchen).

  • New ranger AOE ability “scatter shot”
  • Volley cooldown reduced, damage lowered to compensate but resulting in a slight dps increase overall
  • Conjure arrow spells reduced to 35 arrows per cast
  • Certain offensive spells now reward melee / distance experience (offensive mage spells rewarding exp coming in a future patch)
  • Monster HP increased by 20%
  • All death missile runes now share the same cooldown (10 seconds)
  • Fix for player vitals not correctly updating after enchanting an item
  • Belly stat removed from the loot rotation
  • Larger sized mana potion for the rich and famous
  • Mage spells display the correct magic exp gain (it was showing double)

Just a heads up, this is the last week I will be actively working on “fun stuff” for some time, I will be posting a summary of everything we achieved in January and what the roadmap looks like as we go forwards soon so keep an eye out for that 🙂


Version 0.5.52 released!
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