Version 0.5.53 released!

Evening chums 🙂

  • Scatter shot reworked to hit enemies around your target
  • Offensive mage spells reward magic exp
  • Mind games and concussive shot work on monsters attacking any party member
  • Scatter shot incantation
  • PVP damage reduced 25%
  • Whispers and party messages now show overhead
  • Number of unread messages colour reflects @mentions in chat

Desktop client only

  • Spell cast hotkeys defaulted to Q, E and R
  • New preference available to set hotkey between three layouts:
    • Q, E, R for spells and 1 – 6 for items
    • F1, F2, F3 for spells and 1-6 for items
    • 1, 2, 3 for spells and 3 – 9 for items
  • Assigned hotkey label more visible on hotkeys that can be used, less visible on hotkeys that can’t
  • Hotkey labels now visible in the spellbook / items screen
  • UI now allows itself to be squidged really small horizontally, stacking hotkeys to make room
Version 0.5.53 released!
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