Version 0.5.55 released!

Hello everyone, this is an odd update as it opens the game up in some interesting ways. All classes now have access to all skill disciplines and can wear all equipment which should make for some interesting gear choices. You will train another classes primary skill discipline far slower than your own and your spells will only work with appropriate weapons so keep that in mind. I have also made a lot of tweaks to the UI, a lot of it was rushed in years ago so it’s nothing drastic but things should feel a bit tidier especially on mobile where more items can fit on a single row on some screens.

  • All classes can use all equipment
  • All classes have access to all skill disciplines
  • Volley spell words correct for all ranks
  • PVP damage increased 15%
  • Spells require weapons equipped
  • Offensive spells disbaled with training weapons
  • Ranger conjure spells reward magic experience
  • Unequip button
  • Fitch sells the starter weapons
  • Many UI look and feel improvements
  • Item stats sorted positive to negative for comparison
  • Desktop shortcuts for opening inventory etc can now be used to close the inventory or navigate between the inventory pages while it is open
Version 0.5.55 released!
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