Version 0.6.22 going live!

Hello everyone, it’sa me, Chris Pratt!

I hope you are enjoying the new engine. This patch is essentially a fix and tidy up all the borked stuffs release as we start to work on bringing the new engine tech to maturity. I have fixed every bug that has been reported since Friday, with the notable exception of maybe fixing an issue where creatures can sometimes appear invisible. I suspect that one is going to take a whole bunch of digging around the server to find as looks like a low percentage edge case with no obvious way to reproduce it, fun!

If you are unaware, Mirage is currently in the spotlight over on reddit’s r/MMORPG so go make some noise for us over there 🙂 As is typical with reddit there’s a couple of raging trolls in there, but one of them raised quite a good point – on the Desktop client you couldn’t stagger movement key presses, you had to release all of your movement keys before pressing a new one. I think this is something myself and you guys who use the desktop client have probably just gotten used to and forgotten about over the years but I thought it time to go in and quickly sort that out so… yeah you can now mush your movement keys two and a time.


  • Keyboard movement now allows you to mush several keys at once
  • Creeping Caverns (B1) is now PVP
  • Ghostlands (B1) is now PVP
  • Outlaw Hideout (B1) is now PVP
  • /where command now tells you which Zone you are in (turns out this is broken already :D)


  • Support Scrolls correctly list their quantities in the Realm Store
  • Many, many graphical fixes to the World
  • Regen blocked status icon correctly displays if someone stacks on you in town
  • Various client crash conditions
  • Trade request emote correctly goes away if the trade is cancelled
  • Players no longer sometimes appear online in the friends list when they are not
  • PVP combat lock durations now correctly apply
  • Roof visibility is evaluated when you are warped
  • Withdrawing a scroll from the bank when you have full cap no longer results in a disconnect
  • Traps can no longer result in negative HP
  • Ground entities (bodies, bags, blood) always decays at the correct rate
  • Monsters can no longer combat tag through walls
  • Flask drop rate fixed on Shadows
  • Possible client-side causes of invisible creatures (though I am not optimistic this is the cause)

The big bug of the day is the last one on the list there, as it is so random and difficult to reproduce with any degree of reliability it’s important for me to rule out the client as the cause so I can focus on picking the server apart line by line looking for this needle in an MMORPG engine sized in a haystack. Fun fun! Not to worry, I’ll find the bloody thing 😀

There will be one more stability / quality of life patch before I move onto implementing the next feature on the roadmap – an in-game World Map 🙂 Big thanks to everyone for the support I’ve been receiving over the last few days, I am super excited to start pushing frequent updates out again, wooo!

Oh, one small thing to mention… I’m in talks with a musician about putting together some 8-bit music for Mirage. It’s very early days but keep your ears peeled for that 😉


Version 0.6.22 going live!
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