Version 0.6.31 released!

Hiya 😀

This is a tidyup version, taking care of the remaining rough edges from our livestream release yesterday / this morning.


  • Shamblers have received reinforcements
  • Further experience reward balancing of various monsters
  • Jericho boatman has moved much closer to Emberton


  • PVE and PVP combat now have unique status icons
  • /kills command to track unjustified kills and outlaw status


  • Appearance exploit
  • Seemingly random automated banishments for packet flooding
  • Numpad enter working as substitute for enter
  • Desktop UI collapsing correctly with UI scale set greater than 100%
  • Chat commands now work in whisper channels
  • Various small overworld fixes

Known issues

  • Putting the client process to sleep for some time then returning will result in “stuck” combat text on the screen, this is a library issue and I have submitted the fix to the maintainers. We are unfortunately at the mercy of when they have time to investigate and merge it in so, if this issue is annoying you sit tight!

Thanks to everyone for the stream yesterday, I look forward to many more in the new year 🙂

Version 0.6.31 released!
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