Version 0.6.33 released!

Hello everyone, this is a quality of life update that tweaks a whole bunch of small things that have been annoying me. Small announcement also, players are asked to use the Party Search channel when looking for parties going forwards, the changes to both this channel and the trade chat are intended to help make this clearer.


  • Performance improvements to server persistance of player data
  • Unjustified kill retention period changed to 5 days (down from 7)
  • Outlaw status is now achieved on the 10th kill
  • Exile status is now achieved on the 20th kill
  • Every kill past 20 increases experience loss on death by 1%, there is no cap on the maximum
  • Red and black skulls now last 5 days from your last unjust kill, this is reset each time you kill someone new
  • The only way to lose a Red or Black skull is by not killing any players unjustly for 5 days
  • On login after patch all players will have their red or black skull status recalculated using the new metrics, so your skull expirey will be 5 days from your LAST unjustified kill
  • PVP damage returned to 65% (up from 50%)
  • Creeping caverns is now accessible via an ancient teleporter near Emberton, the hole north of Gilead has been removed
  • Various small overworld tweaks
  • Orcs entrance has been widened
  • Player details screen no longer shows unnecessary buttons if the player is offline
  • Trade chat now colours messages uniquely if they start with BUY or SELL
  • Party search now colours messages uniquely if they start with PT (LFM and LFP have been removed)


  • Player details screen shows online status
  • Player details screen displays outlaw status
  • Player details screen shows the location of party members, pressing this location will take you to them on the world map
  • Chat messages now show player levels
  • Added a button to the Android chat UI to show or hide the chatroom member list for the current chatroom, default is hidden
  • Added a chatroom member counter next to the new Android chat button so you can see how populated it is at all times
  • Added a “close” button to the Android chat UI so you can close chatrooms even if the member list is hidden
  • Added a preference for if the chatroom member list should show on new chatrooms, default is no
  • Added a preference for if levels should show in the chat, default is yes
  • Added internationalisation support to the client, this still needs a lot of work but future support for other languages is planned


  • Fix for a client crash that would prevent players from accessing their bank
  • Fix for a client issue that would cause rising HUD text to get stuck on the screen in certain situations

I hope you enjoy some of the new additions. My favourite is the online status, I can’t believe this hadn’t occurred to me before now and now its there I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I also really like the member list being hidden on Android, it makes the chat UI feel a lot less… oppressive. I have been quite unwell with pneumonia so have been focusing on fun bits and bobs rather than tackling anything with any real weight to it.

Tomorrow I shall start the enormous task of going through all of the outfit submissions from the contest this year, it is my hope to get as many of these as possible in the game in one form or another so the next update should bring a lot more diversity to player appearance which is always fun 🙂

All the best,

Version 0.6.33 released!
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