Version 0.6.45 Released!

Hello chums,

Here’s what I have managed to get done today for your amusement. Some of these were deployed as a hotfix in the morning, but are included here so it’s easy to see what has changed today in once place.

Additions & Changes

  • New class of potion that restores both HP and Mana
  • Many new outfit colours
  • Axes:
    • No longer have stamina but add what it’s value would have been to their primary stat
    • Have twice the defence penalty
  • Spawn players in “close to” their logout square if it is occupied when they log back in (if possible)
  • Healing runes now have stronger base healing and are now improved by the user’s magic level
  • Shamans can now use their spells while holding a Mace
  • Equipment drop rates have been:
    • Doubled from Ghosts onwards
    • Tripled in Chaos zones
  • Gastropods have new drops and have had their experience significantly increased
  • Outlaws continue to be one of the best exp ratio monsters in the game
  • Chat message on death indicates if nothing was lost due to the realm having recently started or shutting down
  • Monsters will once again spawn on top of your face
  • Damage of monster beam attacks doubled


  • Unjust kills resetting on logout
  • Unequipping items / losing a charm on death leaving the hover frame of the previous item
  • More efficiently check if players are in range when NPCs are respawning
  • Portals are once again visible on the world map

What Next?

These are some of the easier jobs I had given myself to tackle in the absurd UK heat today. I am planning to release a couple more updates this week with some long requested features, namely Arenas, elite monsters, and outfits.


Version 0.6.45 Released!
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