Version 0.6.46 Released!

Hello everyone,

This is one that might need some fiddling to get it to a good place, but Elite Monsters are back baby. Did I mention it is insanely hot in the UK right now? Trying to sit and code in this heat is absolutely soul destroying!

What’s changed?

  • Fortified now drops an armour value relative to the items’ level
  • HP and Mana regen is increased on drops 40+, then again on drops 80+
  • Elite Monsters:
    • Have 3x the exp, 3x the hp, and twice the stats
    • Will drop double materials and currency
    • Will spawn one in every 20 mobs
    • Will spawn 100% of the time in zones hunted to at least 50% of extinction
    • Will drop items with additional “elite” modifiers
  • Soul Potion prices significantly increased
  • Charm prices increased (sorry!)
  • Shaman melee rises much faster
  • Enchanting UI scrolls on small resolutions
  • Shamans are now represented on the main menu


  • Killing more than 50% of a zone will now double the chance of an elite spawn rather than guarantee it, upping elites to one in 10 instead of one in 20
  • Elite monsters will now drop 3 times the currency and 3 times the materials
  • Dying during server shutdown or the first 5 minutes of server start will result in no exp loss and charms will not break

What next?

I have a feeling the Elite Monster spawn conditions will be tweaked a bit over the coming days so that’ll be a bit fiddly but deployed using hotfixes so it shouldn’t be too disruptive. I think the next hacky thing I’m going to look at wedging in is the Arenas 🙂

The price increases are due to data I’ve collected over player currency gains since the buffs started, now everything is so buffed people are gaining a lot more currency much easier so, we have to compensate for it somehow.


Version 0.6.46 Released!
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