Version 0.6.48 Released

Hello everyone,

I thought given the state of play it was time to really open the game up and get rid of this level-bracketed progression. If people want to boost their friends or group together to fight much harder monsters, why not?

What’s changed?

  • All level gates have been removed (aside from chaos gates)
  • Ferries no longer have level requirements, those are now just advisory
  • Orcs entrance west of Gilead has been blocked, you can now get there via Creeping Caverns or take the Ferry
  • Certain mutated monsters now have special names
  • Calm mutation renamed to Zen
  • Zen mutations now correctly use exclusively nature damage spells


  • Zen monsters heal AOE correctly shows healing animation

What’s next?

I am away until Monday, upon my return I shall be assessing the fallout from this release, acting accordingly, then implementing the two new Arenas 🙂


Version 0.6.48 Released
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