Version 0.6.49 Released!

Hiho everyone,

Few fixes and balance changes here, mainly to address the new state of play as per opening up the game world last week.

What’s changed?

  • Experience loss:
    • Base exp loss is now -5%
    • White / Yellow skull exp loss is now -10%
    • Red skull exp loss is now -25%
    • Black skull exp loss is now -50%
  • Charms:
    • Charm of fate now protects against 5%, costs 20 gold
    • Charm of loss now protects against 10%, costs 40 gold
    • Charm of war now protectes against 25%, costs 100 gold
  • Outlaw status expiration:
    • If you are an outlaw / exile, your “kills” no longer individually expire
    • This means your status will correctly expire and wipe all of your kills when it says, not before
    • This should result in the intended functionality that once you are an outlaw, you will remain so until 5 days after your latest kill
  • Party EXP:
    • If you are less than half the level of a party member who took part in a kill, you will not receive any experience or loot for that kill
  • Orc abilities:
    • Orc warriors have learned how to physical beam
    • Orc mages learned to make medium Nex runes
  • Resistances:
    • Orcs are now weak to Ice not Fire
    • Revenants are now weak to Fire
  • Loot:
    • Nether Slimes, Astral Trueshots, and Void Goliaths now drop new equipment
  • Zones:
    • The Realm of Loss is now accessible

What next?

Last week I said I’d handle any balance issues as a result of opening the game world up on Monday, that be today, and this be that handling. Tomorrow is all about Arenas baby. With regards to increasing the EXP loss on death and the reason for doing so, this (and the party level exp change, and the additional orc spells) is a punishing measure to offset the opportunities that lay in higher level zones for underleveled players.

I want you to be able to go there if you want to, but I also want you to feel the risk. I actually was going to make this a base loss of 10%, but I think I’ll wait until I give charms their own slot before I do that so higher level players don’t feel so punished by what is essentially a death tax once you get past a certain point. In line with not punishing high levels too harshly while trying to control the low to mid level game in an open world, the prices of charms were reduced accordingly.


Version 0.6.49 Released!
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