Version 0.6.51 Released!

Hello everyone,

This release comprises of two things people have been asking for a long time 🙂

What’s new?

  • Over 60 new outfit appearances
  • Brand new Mirage Wiki accessible via the title screen and via the website header

Moving forwards

Everyone please join me in thanking the handful of community members who have worked their asses off the last few days to bring the brand new official Mirage Wiki from nothing to a place brimming with information on every creature, item and enchant in the game. All of the information is up to date and current, and I am very pleased we are releasing it today! The Wiki will continue to evolve and expand as time passes, so if there is a piece of information you can’t find or think should be included please don’t hesitate to join #wiki on Discord and either join the team or make requests 🙂

With regards to the outfits, this is about 2/3 of the outfits that I think fit into the game nicely from the outfit art competition held… a while ago. It has taken me quite some time to go through and test them all, often with many iterations for each individual sprite to get them animating correctly and looking sharp. I must stress that these are community submitted outfits so, all of the glory goes to the awesome people who drew them and submitted them!

The Arenas are coming, I unfortunately got very heavily tied up with the Wiki yesterday and it was midnight before I knew it. Instead of working on them today and pushing outfits back, I figured more people wanted the outfits than wanted Arenas so I prioritised them. They are the next on the list! Again!…

I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic weekend,

Version 0.6.51 Released!
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