Game Rules

In order to keep things civil and provide a fair and friendly community experience in-game, a list of clear rules is a necessity. The enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of the moderation team, the basic rule of thumb is don’t be an idiot 😉

Things that will not get you banned

These things are annoying but will not directly result in a ban as they are gameplay weaknesses, however they may get you muted or kicked in some cases.

  • Tanking and getting overrun, resulting in your & other players deaths
  • Scamming
  • Getting in the way when hunting because you suck

These rules are subject to change and will be updated retroactively as we encounter new issues and learn to handle them.

1. Verbal Abuse

You will be slapped first, then if you continue you will receive a warning, and finally a day mute. As your criminal record logs all of this, expect to be muted on a Thursday if you are mouthing off but were warned way back on Monday. We have a full audit trail now and will use it.

  • Swearing in global channels
  • Insulting other players
  • Using a channel incorrectly e.g. advertising trades in English Chat, chatting in Trade Chat
  • Spamming
  • Advertising other games
  • Using the wrong language in a specified global channel
  • Offensive jokes

1 (b). Inappropriate Topics

As fun as freedom of speech is, there are some things we don’t want you bringing into Mirage. Namely:

  • Religion
  • Advertising
  • Politics
  • Pornography / Sex

2. Cheating

Use of macros, bots, any automation tools whatsoever, and modified clients will result in a permanent ban. We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating, we do not unban accounts once they have been caught cheating!

2 (b). Exploits

Abusing an exploit or bug (depending on the severity of the issue) can lead to the permanent banishment of your account.

3. Account sharing, selling, trading, and buying

Players found to be sharing accounts, and accounts that are found to have been sold or traded will be banned forever. This includes accounts that have been “gifted”. Players found buying accounts will also be banned. In a game that rewards time invested, this kind of behaviour undermines the community and just can’t be allowed sorry. We get that you might “let your brother have a go”, or your friend might have a go at the bus stop or whatever – that is totally fine, but accounts that are found to be sharing consistently to gain an advantage will be shown no mercy. This extends to players posting in chat that they are buying or selling accounts, even if it is a joke.

4. Unacceptable names

Any names containing profanities, references of a sexual nature, deliberate rip-offs of well-known player names or anything that could be considered offensive in general will have their characters locked and be forced to choose new names. Two name locks in a row will result in a permanent ban.

5. Social media abuse

Things that you say and do on the forums, discord, facebook, twitter etc can affect you in the game. All of the above rules apply where appropriate, and in cases of serious abuse, the dev will take the time out of his day to cross reference IP addresses with the game server logs and punish any accounts he finds.

6. Racism/Sexism/Discrimination

Racist, sexist, or discriminating remarks will result in an immediate 1-day ban. A second offense will result in a 1-week ban, with a third resulting in a permanent ban. The team has no time for this nonsense.

7. Destructive behavior

Alright so this fairly simple, if you are deliberately doing something that is negatively affecting other players then that isn’t cool and you are opening yourself up for a 1-day ban or longer. Examples of destructive behavior are:

  • Intentionally luring monsters to kill a player/players in a none-pvp zone
  • Blocking other players deliberately to get them killed in none-pvp zones
  • Demanding currency or items from a player in return for not killing them in none-pvp zones
  • Sharing other people’s private information
  • Harassment
  • A low level hero spamming local chat
  • Blocking safe areas on none-pvp zones (TEMPORARY until maps are larger and have better safe zones)

7 (b). Repeat Offenses

A player who has a history of breaking rules may be punished more severely and without warning slaps.

8. Trades / services involving real life currency

Any trade, service or transaction involving real life currency is not allowed. Players advertising buying or selling items / services for real money will be banned forever. The only situation where this is acceptable is if people are hosting events / trading items in return for donating to the server, in which case thank you very much. This rule is basically designed to stop other people from profiting off of Mirage.

8 (b). Trades / services involving out-of-game goods or services

Any trade, service or transaction involving out-of-game elements will result in a one week ban, followed by a permanent ban on second offence. Examples include but are not restricted to:

  • Selling / trading accounts or items from other games
  • Offering services in another game for items in Mirage
  • Selling character names

9. PvP Misconduct

PvP should be handled with respect. Currently the game does not have adequate systems in place to prevent excessive griefing of other players so continuously causing issues may result in warnings, or even being banned at this time. Again, this is a small indie project and there is a lot of work to do to make pvp fair still so, use your brain! Some examples of misconduct are:

  • Killing entire zones of significantly lower level players
  • Excessively killing a single player over and over again

10. Using multiple clients

Mirage is designed so you can meet other players and interact socially, it is not intended that players will have lots of accounts (or “alts” as they are called) that they use to help give themselves an advantage. As such, any player found to be using their own alt accounts to gain an advantage will have all of their accounts immediately permanently banned without warning. As such, you are under no circumstances allowed to:

  • Log in on multiple accounts outside of town at the same time

This rule is very specific, and allows you to use an alt account to work around some features lacking in the game. You are allowed to have ONE alt online IN TOWN to:

  • Buy / sell items
  • Transfer items between characters
  • Chat with other players
  • Craft runes / arrows / whatever while you hunt on your main
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