Version 0.3.130 released!

It’s official, I have started work on the spells update. The first fleeting pass over the server code involved a lot of refactoring to break out how the game actually performs “attacks” from the auto-attack system it uses so to test this I have implemented a few passives for each class. I know every time I add something knew that affects gameplay like this we all like to go “the sky is falling and omg my class is now the worst ever how will Mirage ever survive all is lost blahdy blah” and all that crap but please before the various[…]

Midnight Hotfixes

Hello everyone, So I’ve been burning the midnight oil with milctea and KnDunek who have very kindly given me hours of their lives this evening testing, fixing, and improving the skull system. There are a number of edge cases and fixes that have gone in as a result! Our lives for the last 3 hours Logging out and in will no longer make your yellow skull invisible to you. Fix for the server not quite correctly tracking who has hit who in all cases. Significant fix to how combat cooldown works, found a major bug that meant your PVP cooldown[…]

Patch 0.3.98

Hello everyone, This update fixes some issues surrounding the PVP implementation and makes more areas PVP enabled to make things a bit more interesting. Fix for targeting while moving Fix for not being able to target attack a player if you already have another target PVP attack is now double tap instead of long-press Long press now exclusively loots bags under other players / monsters Fix for short skull time if you kill a player New PVP zones: Slime forest Deeper Widow cave Felwalkers Inside Cyclopse plateau Deepest Water Wyrm cave Imp volcano It is worth noting the patches that occurred[…]

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