A note on the immediate future

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since the last post and update. Now for some good news! As of January 2021 I will be working full time on Mirage which should be great for everyone 🙂 It’s happening a lot later than originally planned due to the pandemic and all that but it is happening and it is official so very soon things are going to start rapidly progressing around here!

In other news the new server hardware has finally arrived. It brings with it the promice of latency due to the server dropping frames not being a thing anymore. I plan to roll this out as part of the next major update – speaking of which…

For a while now the highest level players in the game have been split into two large groups. These players spend their time blocking access to zones, mass murdering lower levels in lower zones, demanding money and just generally abusing poor game mechanics and being angry… I guess as there isn’t much else to do. While it is certainly true new content will help with this, ultimately the game is in a really bad place when it comes to groups of people settling disputes.

With this in mind, the next update will aim to address the issue of killing players having no negative side effect, as well as the broken mechanics that allow for players to build walls on PVP maps that can never be broken through. I am working on this right now, but it is going to take a little time:

  • Killing a player unjustly will result in a 10 minute combat lock (up from 3 minutes).
  • Killing more than 3 players unjustifiably in a 24 hour period will result in a red skull.
  • Killing more than 5 players unjustifiably in a 7 day period will result in a red skull.
  • Red skulls will last 5 days since the last unjustified kill. This means if you have 1 minute left of red skull and you murder someone, it’ll be around for another 5 days 🙂
  • Players will be able to attack other players when stacked as a result of stepping out from a protection zone.
  • Logging in on top of another player or creature will cause you to spawn next to them. If you cannot spawn next to them without stacking, you will be returned to town.
  • Being killed will result in a loss of skills and experience. The percentage loss is based on the percent of total exp required between your curren level and the next level, not the total experience you have. This is the same for skills, and it will be possible to lose levels and skills:
    • Being killed by a monster will incur a 1% loss.
    • Being killed by another player unjustifiably will result in a 5% loss
    • Being killed by another player justifiably (i.e. you have a white skull or a yellow skull for directly hitting them) will result in a 10% loss
    • Being killed by another player justifiably while flagged as a murderer (you have a red skull) will result in a 25% loss.
  • A hearthstone item will be added to the inventory that will allow you to go back to your chosen home town every 30 minutes. The /home command will be removed.

It is my sincere hope these changes restore some kind of natural order to the community as things are pretty bad at the moment. There will not be a feature patch until this work is complete, so in the meantime sit tight.

As an aside, away from all of this, I have been working on a whole new set of systems that will change Mirage from a single-server game to a multi-server game. When you connect you will connect to a central account server, from there you will be able to create characters on any number of game servers around the world – when you select a character to play it will route you through to the appropriate server, similar to how WoW or Tibia work.

It is my ambition to focus heavily on implementing this early in the new year after the PVP changes have gone live. Once up and running, a few new servers will be added – the first of which will be in south america.

All the best,

A note on the immediate future
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