A quick update on recent in-game community issues

Hi everyone,

I will post a blog soon going over what has happened since the last post and what is coming in the next weeks, unfortunately for the moment I have to cover a different topic.

Over the last weeks there has been significant pvp conflict in Mirage, which in itself shouldn’t really be a bad thing… but the game unfortunately does not have systems in place to mitigate people taking it too far and many lower level players have found themselves consistently unable to play due to high level gangs just killing everyone they see.

In addition, there have been some significant issues with sometimes up to 50 players surrounding and blocking entire zones off, preventing anyone from accessing that content for hours at a time. This kind of behaviour has understandably resulted in some bans, and a lot of anger towards the moderation team who have been seen by some of the noisier corners of the community as biased.

Putting aside that many of the bans were handed out by me personally (I banned 10 players for 1 week just yesterday for pvp related stupidity), and I have no idea who most of you are, what side anyone is on, or even what the guilds are called let alone which ones are involved – I think it is important that if you get banned for being an asshole you don’t feel like the people who banned you are being equal assholes but they have ban hammers.

That is why starting from today Moderators involved in wars or conflicts with other players are no longer allowed to punish those players for rule violations. This does not mean it is open season on breaking rules while you are in a war involving members of the moderation team, what it does mean is if a moderator involved in a conflict witnesses a rule violation and wishes to enforce the rules they must report it to another member of the team who is not involved in the conflict at all.

That way you can be sure when you are banned for being an asshole, you were impartially banned for being an asshole. Significant updates and changes are coming that will add consequences to blindly killing many other players unjustifiably, until then I will be banning players seen to be indiscriminately wiping maps of lower levels – yes it is fun to be powerful, but if everyone quits because you won’t let them play then it’s going to get pretty lonely at the top.

This game should be a sandbox, if the game lets you do it then it should be allowed… I get that, and I agree with you when you are mad you got banned for murdering noobs. That said, I have made it as clear as I possibly can that the game is extremely lacking in features, you know when you are killing the 50th low level in 10 minutes that it isn’t right, you know it’s not fair.

In the long term systems will be added so this kind of moderation will not be necessary, in the short term you guys have to work with me here – most of you get this, some of you don’t… and you end up with bans, and you blow up the discord server and make lots of noise and my god is it exhausting.

I just want people to have fun, honestly that’s the whole point. If you are killing every low level player you see every day you are online, that is one person having fun (you) and 50 people getting fed up with the game. It’s a simple equation, are you really that shocked when you get a ban. Really?

Pretty negative post so apologies for that, next post will be more positive and will be accompanied an update release 🙂 We are doing some private testing this weekend, I think everyone is going to love what is coming.

Don’t be assholes,

A quick update on recent in-game community issues
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