Android in-app purchases are live!

Hello everyone!

I am now working part-time, giving me one day a week to spend dedicated to Mirage. Over the new year I have met with business minded folks and spoken to my accountant, and they made it clear to me what my immediate priority had to be. I know it isn’t super fun stuff, but if I want to persue this game properly it has to start paying for itself – and for it to do that there needs to be a way for you guys to buy stuff. The first update of January is here, and it brings in-app purchases to android devices.

Just to re-state something that is extremely important to me – mirage does not, and never will, have anything even remotely resembling pay to win. The scrolls activate realm-wide buffs that everyone online benefits from. No scrolls that offer personal benefits will ever be added, I absolutely hate that shit.

You can now buy scrolls!

The main bulk of the scrolls trigger realm-wide events for everyone playing, and are priced at £2 each. A major content update will be released next week, with parties and spells coming in the following updates (in that order).

It is important to note, spending real money in Mirage in no way buys players any leniency with the moderation team, they have been instructed to carry on as normal (regardless of how much someone has spent, or what unused scrolls they have) – so please, make sure you know the rules 🙂

Full patch notes:

  • Fix for small cap items (0.1, 0.25) causing client crashes at max cap
  • Scroll store is now live on android devices
  • Food now has sounds
  • Biscots
  • Various small fixes
  • Cooldown removed from food


Android in-app purchases are live!
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