Bug tracker and v0.4.32 released

Hello everyone,

The focus at the moment is really on server-side stability, performance, and engine architecture. As such, it occurred to me we didn’t have an official bug tracker where you can see what bugs I am aware of and their current status. You can find a link at the top of the website!

Also, today a few bug fixes went live as a critical game-breaking issue was found and reported last week. The following are now fixed:

  • Critical edge-case server issue that could result in “invisible” players
  • Reconnecting quickly while dying / changing zones could result in the client failing to load into the game completely resulting in a frozen “black screen”
  • Items with an uneven amount of stat points would never drop the top level of secondary stats available. Monsters have been scamming you all
  • Death messages should now always appear for everyone
  • It should now be impossible to time a reconnect perfectly as you die and not actually die
  • Unread whisper message count now correctly renders over the player sprite
  • Advancement messages now also show to the player who advanced
  • Very slight performance improvement to lighting render loop

That’s all for now! As always, if you find any issues and they aren’t in the bug tracker please report them on the discord.


Bug tracker and v0.4.32 released
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