Client Patch 0.5.8 (a) released!

Hey everyone,

Today’s client update is full of fixes around the Play Store integration. A small number of players have experienced an issue where they purchase a scroll but don’t receive it – I have reproduced this edge case and worked around it. In addition, the client now has patching support for updates like this where fixes need to go in but there is no need for a server update, you can tell if you are on a patch version as there will be a letter after the version number on the main menu.

The latest client is a patch, hence the version is followed by (a)
  • Fixes for various store related crashes
  • Rewrite of client-side purchase handling
  • Fix for edge case issue resulting in players not receiving their purchase
  • If you take too long to make a purchase and the client times out in the background, when you log back in the purchase will now automatically be redeemed
  • Client patch support for rolling client updates

If you have made a purchase and not received it due to this issue, fear not as any unredeemed purchases are automatically refunded after 3 days. If this is not good enough and you want your money back asap, raise it on the discord along with your order number and a moderator will forward it to me to be manually refunded.

Cheers everyone

Client Patch 0.5.8 (a) released!
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