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I have always been good at a few things in life… coding, managing small communities with an iron fist, excessive swearing, and last but not least – drinking. As Mirage Realms grows, the challenges it faces grow with it… and I think its safe to say at this point, providing good customer support for this game has for a long time now been well beyond my capabilities. If you were lucky your pleas for support have been ignored, if you are unlucky I might have told you to eat a bag of dicks.

The bottom line is we are reaching a popularity where this kind of banter / completely inept support is just no longer feasible. Enter stage left – Char.

Char is going to be the new face of Mirage Realms to the community. She is a highly compassionate (and sober) people person that is way way waaaaay more suited to this side of things than I am. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to work together to hand over things like the twitter and facebook page to her, as well as get her set up to post news here on the website, respond in the forums, be reachable at a new support email address and eventually be linked into an in-game ticket system.

She’s going to become the buffer between me and you guys, which is going to be a really good thing for everyone. She has the time and the patience to read and respond to every question, email and tweet – and I have the time and the patience to respond to her. This means when she can help you directly she will, and when she can’t she will ask me and I will be compelled to assist.


Someone will be reading your emails, facebook posts, tweets and forum posts and responding to them very soon. That someone is called Char, and I’m certain you are all going to love her 🙂 As I start to look towards making Mirage an actual real game wot’ people give money for, me and Char want to make sure we provide excellent customer service and really look after the people funding this thing as we’ve both been on the end of world-class shitty support for something we love (not mentioning any names CIPSoft you assholes) and I don’t wish to inflict that on my own players.

Love you all n’stuff

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Customer Support
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