EXP System 3.0 Released

Hey everyone,

So the great community exp share saga 2017 continues, and I have moved to a much simpler system. Now you will get 10% less experience for a kill for each extra person that hits it, down to a maximum of 50%. If you combine this with all of the monsters experience points being doubled last patch, it means group hunts of 5+ players now reward the same exp they did before the patch, and soloers have been buffed really nicely.

The new Harbinger AOE is pretty fun to watch

This puts us in a great place, and I hope it helps some of you who have been going *crazy* at me understand that as I try new things and tweak them, they might be broken and poorly received intially but I will always fix it and make it fair. You have to trust me, this is an alpha.


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EXP System 3.0 Released
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