Hello everyone,

Today brings a server-side patch that will free up around 150k playernames, so if you were waiting for an old unused name to be free now would be the time to check 🙂

Automatic Account Deletion

  • Accounts with no email address assigned
  • Permabanned accounts (after 30 days)
  • Soft-deleted characters

It is worth noting that in the near future unverified accounts will be deleted after 3 months. I will be making some other changes (such as disabling the bank for accounts with unverified email addresses) first to politely encourage players to sort their verification out before I pull the trigger on this one though.


  • HP and Mana regeneration enabled in protection zones
  • Verification codes can now be re-requested much more frequently
  • Accounts now track when they were last online


  • Targeting a player right as they leave the map will no longer prevent players from using runes on themseves
  • “Gay” is now a banned name term instead of “Day”
  • Offline notifications now correctly only display once
  • As permabanned accounts are now automatically deleted after 30 days, these characters will dissappear from the highscores

Thanks to everyone for their continued feedback and bug reports on discord, keep it coming 🙂


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