Let there be light!

Hey everyone 😀

The new lighting engine

This week I am focusing on bringing darkness to Mirage. The second iteration of the new lighting system is now live and for the most part it is performing well. This has been a long time coming and we are in a tricky situation with Mirage as everyone needs to be able to see and sometimes there can be 100 players all in the same tiny area so it has to perform super efficiently.

This new system seems to be performing well for the majority of devices, however I am aware there are people out there using older hardware that are experiencing some FPS loss so tomorrow I am going to be adding settings that will improve performance for you guys should you need too. If you have any specific issues with specific devices, please come forwards on the forum thread accompanying this post as I’m literally going lighting crazy until Sunday because I’ve wanted this in-game since I started the project.

Again, don’t panic if your device is struggling with this stuff, you won’t get left behind, get involved on the forums and we’ll get you running smoothly.

All the best everyone 🙂

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Let there be light!
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