Patch 0.3.85 Released!

Hey everyone, this patch fixes the following:

  • Experience distribution was broken and as soon as 3 people hit a monster it was distributing EXP as if 8 people had hit it!
  • Defense and attack training was too difficult, I have made it much easier
  • Rolled back the changes to Ranger and Mage defense
  • Exp required for skill points is now multiplied like this (where 1 is normal, higher is more required, lower is less):
    • Knights
      • Melee: 1.2
      • Defence: 0.8
    • Mages
      • Magic: 0.8
      • Defence: 1.2
    • Rangers
      • Distance: 1
      • Defence: 1
  • Monsters that use spells now don’t hit their primary target twice

This can be considered an emergency patch and addresses the primary issues everyone has raised since yesterdays update. I can’t believe that EXP bug made it in but hey, you developer is garbage! Please remember this is Alpha and you guys are the testers! Also keep in mind if something sucks and everyone hates it, it will change, but we have to let it settle a bit first so give it a chance.

Edit: A patch has been released that fixes an issue that was causing peoples skill % bars to display incorrectly. If your skill bars are displaying over 100%, check the app store or re-download the PC client.


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Patch 0.3.85 Released!
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