Performance / Bug Fix sweep

Evening everyone!

It has been quite the 18 hours or so since the app store went live, the positivity shown by you guys and adoption of the new scrolls by the community has honestly blown me away. With that said, we saw some performance issues today with over 400 players online and there have been some client issues so I got home from work and have investigated and fixed everything I can tonight!

mmm biscots
  • Server database performance tweaks (no more dropping frames with 400+ players online)
  • Fix for event notifications showing incorrect percentages on login
  • Realm Store will now appear on slower devices
  • Fix for client crash on “redeem purchases” on some devices
  • Fix for “redeem purchases” not necessarily redeeming your purchases
  • Server side network performance tweaks, event batching for certain actions

Also as a side note, thanks to everyone who joined the Q&A voice session in discord last night, that was really great, it really made me happy to see so many people so interested and active in the community. I love you guys.


Performance / Bug Fix sweep
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