Random bosses!

Hey everyone,

I have been toying with a new sort of “fun” little tweak to monsters today and I thought I’d release it and see what you all thought of it. It’s something that has been asked for by everyone for a long time and although it isn’t on the roadmap I figured what the hell and use it as an excuse to promote the new server gofundme at the same time 😉

You spammed for them, here they are

  • Every monster in the game can now spawn as a boss
  • Bosses are extremely rare, and will not happen frequently
  • Bosses guarantee a high currency drop
  • Bosses guarantee an equipment drop from the loot pool of the monster
  • If the equipment drop is for your vocation, it will have max stats and be soulbound
  • Bosses have double stats, but double the experience

There are multiple bosses for each monster so you’ll see some funny names I’m sure. At the very least, this should add a bit of flavour to the game and be a nice chance to get a perfect roll on a piece of equipment.


Random bosses!
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