Server Offline

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately today I have had to take the server offline until further notice due to an issue with the PayPal donation system that is resulting in significant costs being incurred initially to the donation pot I use to fund the server, but also potentially if the costs get high enough to wipe that out to me personally also. I have a mortgage to pay and a family to look after, so as this looks like it could potentially threaten our financial security Mirage will be offline until I can evaluate the extent of the damage.

This is a very targeted and deliberate thing, I believe the intention was simply to get “free events”, however the additional costs incurred that are passed directly on to me are massive and PayPal has absolutely no protection around the sale of online services and though they can see what is happening and how they are doing what they are doing, their policy is to side with the consumer in online service cases and they cannot shield me from the fees so this could potentially really hurt me financially.

Mirage will be back online ASAP with the donation system ripped out, but please appreciate in the interim I have to act in the interest of my families financial security so until I know where we stand and the extent of the cost of this it is much safer for me to keep the server offline. I will manually trigger some donation events when the server comes back online to compensate for this period of downtime.

It goes without saying your characters, items etc are all safe and backed up and aren’t going anywhere.

Sincerest apologies,


Server Offline
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