Small development break

Hey everyone,

Those of you who follow the project closely may be aware my living circumstances have been… sub-optimal since the start of this project, and as a result developing the game has been to put it mildly… somewhat challenging. Well, I am working hard to resolve this and a lot of my time and effort right now is going into purchasing a house (I say purchasing, what I really mean is the bank is buying it for me and I’ll be paying them back for the next 25 years) and as such development has slowed to a crawl this week.

It is unlikely there will be any updates deployed over the next few weeks due to these circumstances, however should I be successful in my quest to acquire a roof over my head then development should speed up massively. I’ll have access to both a computer and a desk (on the luxury!), both of which are quite useful when trying to create a computer game 🙂


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Small development break
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