Version 0.3.81 released!

Hello everyone its that time again! Lets look at the major changes to the game in this version.

You can now ignore players

Ignore Players

We all get frustrated with players spamming us or swearing their heads off when there are no moderators around. You can now ignore players through the player details screen, this will last until you log out.

Scam Prevention

Accepting a trade is now a two-stage process, you hit the “Accept Trade” button then it goes yellow and counts down for 3 seconds to force you to look at what you are actually accepting, if you are still happy to accept the trade you can then hit the button again to confirm. In addition, the items you are being traded are now selected for display by default (instead of selecting the first item you yourself are trading), this increased visibility and forced thinking period should help reduce the amount of people being duped.

Experience Rework

All monsters in the game now reward double experience, and group-hunt experience is now distributed more fairly. This new system has been designed so smaller group hunts are now much more viable, but very large groups will still be better (just not 15-20x better as they were previously). Think of it simply like this, the number of experience points you get for a kill is (that monsters exp / the number of players who have hit it) * 2. A quick and easy example is 3 players attack a monster, it normally gives 90 experience so (90 / 3) * 2 = 60 experience points. You have gained 2/3rds of the exp but killed it in 1/3 of the time compared to if you were by yourself.

Monsters Balanced

Defence was rewritten in the last update and its awesome… a bit too awesome. To bring the monsters back up to scratch a full rebalance has been performed on every creature in the game, a few items have changed too to make them a bit stronger to compensate.

Rewritten Skill Training System

The skill training system has been rewritten from the ground up, it is a brand new formula that takes into accounts misses, blocks, damage dealt etc. I think you guys are going to love it.

Mages and Ranger Defence

Now that defence is so powerful it seems a bit silly that a Mage can get strong enough to tank as well as a Knight. Mages defence skill now rises 1/3 as quickly as Knights, and Rangers rises 2/3 as a quickly as Knights. Your existing skill experience will be recalculated in the future to compensate for this change.

Anti-luring AI

Monsters are now much friendlier than they used to be. If a Monster loses their target for any reason (it dies, gets safe, whatever), rather than immediately start kicking the crap out of the nearest player they will instead quite literally raise a white flag and retreat to their spawn points. Hitting or blocking the path of a monster that is retreating will make it attack you. Next time someone lures 50 monsters to your group as long as you don’t attack them you will be totally safe.

We surrender!

Ranged AI

Ranged monsters have realised charging at your face when they can attack you from 4 squares away is a little silly and through months of intense training they have finally learned to keep their distance. They have been instructed never to retreat however (as they are too proud… and also because it makes the game too hard for knights), so you can still run up and kick their teeth in.

Map Updates

Several maps have been added, existing maps have been changed and areas have been balanced. This is not the “major content update”, it just introduces some more hunting zones so people have options and also have places to go and hunt if the classic zones are overwhelmed by huge groups. There are two new Water Wyrm zones and a new Troll training map connecting the cave south of town to the Troll ruins underground.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fix the respawn point for the training Troll cave
  • Make crits display differently to normal hits
  • Clicking on whispers now goes directly to private chat
  • Fix for mutes not taking affect immediately
  • Fix for closing a chat clearing map chat notifications
  • Desktop client fix for pressing enter to directly map chat not clearing map chat notifications
  • Desktop client now supports Java 6
  • Desktop client can now run on Software OpenGL on ancient PCs
  • Harbingers have learned some magic.

This update changes a great many core systems and may be a bumpy ride at the start while everyone adjusts. Rest assured we will continue to balance and tweak things as a community going forwards as we always have, and I will be eagerly reading all feedback on the forums and in game as I get a feel for how these affect everyone’s game experience. All the best everyone,


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Version 0.3.81 released!
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