Version 0.4.11 released!

Hey everyone,

This release is a big big change to how the game works so it is important you take a moment to read these patch notes carefully! The main major changes centre around the new transparent party system, so experience and loot is now given to the players who are most active in a fight rather than to everyone involved. A full party system will be added on top of these changes in the next major update, consider these changes the start of us steering into that system and putting an end to the 50 player afk death balls that have plagued mirage as of late.

  • Mobs now only reward experience to the blocker and top 5 damaging players
    • The experience calculation is now simply mob exp / number of players (max of 6)
    • All mobs have had their base exp significantly increased to compensate for this
    • High level mobs (such as behemoths and beyond) are now much easier to kill so you can take them as 6
  • Elite mobs have been removed from the game
  • All mobs have had their HP and damage reworked
  • Player damage dealt and taken is now calculated totally differently
    • Your skills are now much more important than your equipment
    • Everyone should now be hitting harder
  • Knight axe AOE removed (you could farm some insane exp on low mobs with it)
  • Various map fixes for all kinds of little map bugs
  • Fix for getting booted when sending short chat commands
  • Fix for weird client scaling errors all over the place (rolled back version of LibGDX)
  • Added new health and mana potions
    • Costs reworked
    • Weight reworked (You might now be over your carrying capacity as a result)
  • Standard combat lock increased to 1 minute
  • Fixes for the skull system going bonkers
  • Health and Mana regen now fixed at a standard rate rather than a percentage of max
  • Health and Mana regen is now always active, unless you are in a safe zone
  • Staffs mana usage tweaked – mages can now run out of mana
  • Currency drop rates increased across the board
  • Hedgehogs

This is by no means the final balance pass on mob exp / hp / damage so please report back anything you think seems a bit out of whack. I am going to work on a fair way of dynamically calculating what the EXP of a given mob should be based on its HP and skills for the next release, ensuring stronger mobs give more exp-per-hit to encourage you guys to always want to fight the hardest stuff you can. The state of play with this patch is manually tweaked based on test server feedback, so I’m sure there’s a few silly mistakes in there somewhere.

See you in-game,


Version 0.4.11 released!
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