Version 0.4.14 released!

Hiya, weekend update is here 🙂

  • Fixes for chat related kicks
  • Significantly toned down sprite scaling after level 100
  • Potions now weigh half as much
  • High level mobs currency drops increased
  • Hell is now 25x bigger
  • Felwalkers now 4x bigger
  • New behemoths zone
  • Engine updates to allow for new types of map linking

Careful, it’s easy to get lost down here

From the feedback we have received since the temporary dynamic party system went in it was clear the imp zone, hell and inferno were the most cramped and frustrating zones in the game to hunt. As such this underworld area is now absolutely massive and there should be plenty of space for you all to hunt peacefully. The felwalker zone has also been increased but we will be keeping an eye on if this needs increased further. Other zones such as Slimes, Spiders and Cyclopses will be getting increased further in the near future.


Mombi, Egon and Liam

Version 0.4.14 released!
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