Version 0.4.15 released!

Hey everyone,

Another small weekend update here to address some things and continue to expand the hunting zones. A major problem over the last week has been the massive amount of player killing and giant balls of people training together in low level areas, blocking passage ways and preventing newer players from hunting. To address that, PVP has been removed from all zones pre-hell (there are 4 100×100 imp maps in Hell, go and train there!) and some low level areas have been further expanded.

  • PVP removed from all maps prior to hell
  • Cyclops mountain area much larger
  • Ember Wyrm mines area much larger
  • Extra Felwalkers area added
  • Various changes to mob distributions on maps
  • Abyss stairs are now surrounded by safe tiles
  • Fixes to behemoth furniture being walkable

There are no code fixes or changes going in this week as I am unwell with a headache that I have now had for nearly 3 weeks, I am seeing a neurologist tomorrow evening who can hopefully help me out. You can thank Mombi and Egon for the map updates here, and me for ruining training ermahgerd.

Stay classy,

Version 0.4.15 released!
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