Version 0.4.18 released!

Hello everyone,

This is a mid-week update to address some new issues caused by the client-side network changes that went live earlier in the week, as well as some old bugs that are long since due some attention. The list is much longer than the ones fixed tonight, and I am hoping to do at least one more bug fix update before the end of the month. Some players on slower hardware reported an increase in latency with the new client networking – this is something I take very seriously so I have done a bunch of work this afternoon to try and get those lost milliseconds back.

Line of sight has been improved
  • Performance improvements to the new client-side networking code
  • Line of sight checks are now performed both ways
  • Logging out while in combat during a map transition no longer leaves you between states
  • Arrows are now correctly consumed for misses and blocks
  • Fix for 0hp monsters / players showing if you join a map the same server tick they die
  • Friends show as offline if disconnected, even if their char is still ingame
  • Logging out with remaining actions for the current frame will no longer result in a client crash
  • Disconnected players no longer get defence exp
  • Players once again take their final step when leaving a map
  • Hotkeys will no longer cease working when you use the last item in a stack assigned to one of the buttons
  • Mana no longer shows as 0 on level up
  • Phone screens are now kept awake by the client

See you all later in the week for one last bug fix sweep before I move onto next months tasks. Thanks so much for your feedback and bug reports, you guys rock.


Version 0.4.18 released!
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