Version 0.4.19 released!

Me again,

This is the final planned bug-fix sweep of the month, tidying up some more bits and pieces that I have been made aware of over the last few days. I am looking into making some changes to the developer tools that will help me better balance and manage monsters and their exp / loot but I am unsure if I will have this finished over the weekend.

  • Fix for disconnect when talking to a Shopkeeper when lagging badly
  • Knights no longer wear high heels
  • /who now displays the player name correctly
  • Friends should now correctly display their online / offline status
  • When changing maps with a target the target button should no longer show glitchy artifacts
  • Training weapons can now hit a max of 2% (up from 1%) as people are afking way too hard
  • The GM and moderator tools have had some slight improvements so we aren’t faffing around with commands all of the time

As always please report any bugs you find on the discord, with each update I am of course hoping to make things more stable and polished! Thanks everyone 🙂


Update: v0.4.20 has been released to address some rare client crash conditions I spotted coming through in the server logs.

Version 0.4.19 released!
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