Version 0.4.23 released!

Bit of a surprise update this one,

A while back (over a year ago) I put a lot of time and energy into writing an enchanting system that would allow monsters and players to have resistances and strengths to certain elements. The elements made it into the game but the enchanting system did not… that is, until today.

Now the elementsmean something 🙂
  • New item type “material” added
  • Over 30 new materials added, all creatures drop something and materials are all worth money
  • 4 new enchanters scattered around the world! Meet Hedge, Hog, Harvey and Squidge
  • You can enchant items with requirements over level 40 in exchange for certain materials at certain enchanters
  • Ghosts are now 9% less likely to attack spam you
  • Revenants have taken over the fortress and kindly spaced themselves out so it is a viable hunting zone

Post-update patch:

  • Revenant, Behemoth, Demon, Hellhound, Shambler and Shadow respawn time decreased
  • Sorcerers no longer drop materials
  • Ice slimes now drop Ice shards
  • Material values and weights adjusted slightly

This is really rather untested as at 3am I thought it would be a good bit of fun for me to try and get it finished and released on Sunday. I anticipate there will be some bugs, probably drop rates will need to be adjusted etc etc so as usual please post all feedback and issues you find on the discord 🙂 Good luck and happy hunting!


Version 0.4.23 released!
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