Version 0.4.24 released!

Hiya, me again!

This is a content, balance, and bug fix patch to address the immediate fallout of the enchanting system going live yesterday. I am planning at least 1 content expansion update to go live this week to expand areas such as ice slimes which are at the moment very popular and in need of space.

A bit cheesy
  • Fix for fire resistance only showing if physical resist was present
  • Monsters no longer have defence, they rely entirely on resistances
  • Friendly NPCs can no longer be stood on
  • All monster resistances adjusted
  • NPCs will no longer attack players transitioning between maps
  • Players transitioning between maps are now invincible
  • Hector received so many visitors he has opened a small business
  • Training weapons state they negate HP regen
  • Various map tweaks
  • Ghosts no longer use volley

Unless there are any major issues there will be no further updates until the end of the week. Please report any bugs or issues on the discord, thanks everyone!


Version 0.4.24 released!
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