Version 0.4.25 released!

Hey everyone,

This update addresses various concerns with the new resistances and the affects on balance this has had on both the game and its economy. Most materials now have a use for one enchant or another, and the resistances and monster balance has been tweaked universally across the game to make it closer to how it was prior to mob defence being removed, but without taking any damage away from anyone.

The ice slimes have built a nice extension to their dungeon
  • Fire wyrms now attack with fire
  • Ghosts no longer heal
  • Parker and Shell are open for business
  • All non-damage enchant recipes changed
  • Physical resist removed from most mobs
  • Most mobs stamina increased by 10% to compensate for increased damage due to monster defence removal
  • Fix for using a potion on death
  • Fix for an appearance exploit with skill-gated outfits
  • Server maintenance
  • Various map tweaks

This is a continuation of some refinements and progression around enchanting and adjusting to how it has affected the game. I have become increasingly aware that the start of the game (from levels 1 – 30) has really fallen behind in terms of quality and content when compared to the rest of the game, so I am going to take some time to address that this week. You can thank Egon for helping the water slimes expand their dungeon 🙂 As always, report any issues on the discord – cheers.


Version 0.4.25 released!
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