Version 0.4.8 released!


I am extremely excited to announce the long-awaited deployment of the big back-end networking and database layer rewrite has now gone live!

A whole neeeew wooooooooooorld

Amongst other things, the big and obvious change for you guys is the roll-out of a world-revamp. Every zone has been reworked and redrawn, we wanted you guys to see the project is being taken seriously in 2019 and this is just a small taste of what is to come. Patch notes are as follows:

  • World revamp, all new world and graphics
  • Removal of /gender command
  • Donation system completely removed
  • Addition of event scrolls
  • You can no longer log in with account names, you must use your email address
  • The email relay service we use is now DNS authenticated
  • Complete rewrite of the server-side networking and packet handling
  • Complete rewrite of the server-side database layer
  • Migration to MariaDB
  • Friends list limited to 25 friends (your friends list has been wiped as a result)
  • Many bug fixes

The next update will be a fun interim update before I start work on migrating the client to use the new networking architecture the server now leverages, expect some new monsters and zones as well as balance and quality of life changes in the near future.

Please report any and all bugs you find on Discord!


Version 0.4.8 released!
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