Version 0.5.19 Released


This update brings a number of quality of life changes, as well as numerous code and content fixes.

Content Changes

  • Wasps map is now PVP
  • Slugs map is now PVP
  • Removal of blocked tiles in deeper Orcs
  • Tree and rock on Orcs map fixed
  • Troll Warlords have reinforced deeper Troll Castle
  • Collision detection on Firewyrms rocks
  • Materials are now 50% more likely to drop from monsters

Bugs Fixed

  • Trading more than 20k of something resulting in a kick
  • Adding a friend with just 3 spaces resulting in a kick
  • Failed player pushes not being correctly handled server side, resulting in rubber banding on the client
  • Removing friends from the friends list no longer leaves big gaps
  • Slimespitter drop rates fixed


  • Desktop client now shows an error dialog if there is an issue starting up
  • The server now soft-kicks players on error / unexpected packet
  • Keyboard support greatly improved accross all screens inside and out of game
  • Stack size selection now supports typing the number you want
  • Items are now sorted based on player needs rather than arbitrarily
  • Golden loot bags now light up in the dark
  • Monster abilities now have cooldowns

About the Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Escape can be used to go back from every screen in the game that has a cancel / back button
  • Enter can be used to submit on every screen in the game that has a submit / ok button (trading, buying, looting, depositing, withdrawing, logging in… etc)
  • The out-of-game menu is entirely navigable using the keyboard, you can select Characters, vocation, gender etc using the arrow keys or tab
  • Shops and the bank are mostly keyboard navigable, use tab to switch between tabs – support for arrow keys to navigate the items coming soon
  • The item stack size selector can now be modified using A and D, as well as the left and right arrow keys
  • The item stack size selector now supports typing in the amount you wish to select. If you type the wrong thing, just press backspace or enter more than you have, it will reset each time it hits the max value

These are really for the PC players, and make it much easier to surf around the UI without having to move your mouse to press buttons.

There is still one more quality of life patch to come before focus shifts to the next feature version, which will be the addition of a Party system. Generally releases will now operate on a cycle of feature release, then quality of life release. This allows me to add new big features to the game, but also gives me time to hoover up all the bits that fell off in the process.


Version 0.5.19 Released
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