Version 0.5.20-a released!

Hello everyone,

This is a round of fixes and improvements to things that were broken / found to be not so great with yesterdays launch.

The PC client chat has been reworked somewhat based on feedback and my experience using it yesterday.

  • Fix for players getting stuck when spamming direction changes
  • Fix for monsters not giving up chasing players
  • Font scaling returned to normal on Android
  • Crits now correctly display again
  • Hiding / showing the chat on PC remembers which chat you had open
  • Chat tab icons moved to the left of chat
  • Font size doubled on chat tab icons and hotkey stacks
  • Channel member list moved to the right hand side on PC
  • Experience bar slightly thicker on PC
  • Hotkey buttons are large again on PC
  • Hotkey button text is now colour coded on PC
  • Fix for being able to submit a trade offer multiple times to the server
  • Fix for being able to withdraw / deposit negative amounts of items
  • Fix for chats having to visually scroll to the latest message if they were not active while a resize occurred

And now for some rubbish news… there was a hole in some server side logic that was allowing players to submit withdraw / deposit requests to the server with negative amounts. This would result in items with negative stack sizes that could be abused to give players more capacity than they actually had.

Nobody reported this, instead it appears quite a few players simply abused it to make the game easier for themselves. As a result, all players with negative stack items as of today are being permanently banished – had someone stepped forward and reported this they would have been rewarded greatly.

Some more bad news – our datacentre has been the target of persistent and repeated DDOS attacks, this has been affecting gameplay by causing lag and mass kicks at different times over the last few days. They are working hard to resolve it, and in the meantime there is unfortunately nothing I can do… I am speaking to them about compensation, if they have nothing to offer then it may be time for us to switch to a different datacentre.

All the best,

Version 0.5.20-a released!
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