Version 0.5.21-b released!


As you will no doubt know if you have been playing the game this week our datacentre has been getting hit with DDOS attacks, this has impacted service with players seeing high pings and frequent disconnects. The national crime agency is involved and they are doing all they can to mitigate the impact on customers, so unfortunately all we can do is sit tight.

With that said, this is not stopping me from working – so here is a small update focusing more towards making the game more accessible to lower level players.

You will now find signs with directions on them strewn throughout the game world. Entrances to popular hunting zones also have signs with their location names.

  • Directional signs added
  • Zone signs added
  • NPC and Sign interaction icons now only appear when in range
  • The high level bow now weighs something
  • Monsters from imps to ice slimes weakened to give lower level players more options when hunting and reduce the training barrier to mid level content
  • Imp Rangers now use scatter shot instead of volley
  • Fix for “email verification” screen loop if submitting pressing enter
  • Fix for “change password” screen crash
  • AFK kick time increased to 30 minutes, 15 was annoying

The next update will focus on quality of life, adding tutorial hints for new players as they progress through the game and adding many new settings that players have been asking for (e.g. camera distance).

Patch release: 0.5.21-b

  • Fix for a sign that was showing a present instead of a direction
  • Using signs now correctly displays the interaction emote

Have a great day!

Version 0.5.21-b released!
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