Version 0.5.22 released!

Hey everyone,

Just a small tweaky patch to address some little things.

  • Android default resolution reduced
  • Preferences reset (sorry) to enforce the default res for people who maybe don’t think to check in the settings but feel it is now too small
  • Stats screen now correctly displays realtime HP
  • Signs tweaked, added, moved and removed where appropriate
  • The Limp Hobnob has been discovered in hell
  • Ghosts and Ice Slimes have had their EXP balanced
  • Drop rate of all materials doubled
  • Fix for a dumb NPC AI exploit in the Giant Wasp zone
  • A few little map tweaks here and there

I believe I have got to the bottom of an issue that would result in players successfully completing a purchase of scrolls but not receiving the item, even when pressing the “renew purchases” button. This particular fix will be rolled out Friday night, I am in truth far too tired to do it tonight 🙁

All the best everyone,

Version 0.5.22 released!
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