Version 0.5.23 released!

Hi everyone, this release sees the new rewritten text and HP bar systems go into the game. Text and name readability should be massively improved on both PC and Android 🙂

  • Added fullscreen support to the client (F11 to toggle)
  • Added screenshot support to the client (F12 for a screenshot)
  • Starter shield given 10% block
  • Statless items sell for 10 copper
  • Low level monster item drop rates upped
  • High level material drop rates reduced on low level monsters
  • Imps zone reworked and expanded
  • Complete rewrite of on-screen text system
    • Player names are now the colour of their vocation by default
    • Chat messages now wrap
    • Player and monster names are a constant offset over their heads
    • Damage text is a fixed offset
  • Complete rewrite of how HP bars are rendered
    • They are now rendered against the native resolution
    • Always a fixed offset over creatures heads
    • Should be way sharper
  • Preferences screen rewritten with new options
  • Fix for randomly facing a different direction
  • Fix for several level gates being incorrectly set
  • Fix for edge case resulting in connection hang on login

I have spent some time on the preferences screen while I was reworking a bunch of stuff in there anyway. It feels a bit friendlier now, and most of you will be going there as a result of the text and HP bar changes to play around anyway so it seemed like a good time.

See you in game!

Version 0.5.23 released!
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