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Charms are a type of item equipped in the Charms slot; they reduce experience penalty on death. The equipped charm is permanently consumed upon death ("Crumbled into dust") and another one must be equipped. Charms are sold by the Shopkeeper Arik (Prices listed in his page).
Name Level Requirement Armour Bonus EXP Loss Reduction
Fate-charm.png Charm of Fate 10 1 -12.5% EXP Loss
Loss-charm.png Charm of Loss 15 2 -25% EXP Loss
War-charm.png Charm of War 20 3 -50% EXP Loss


  • Charm of Fate is intended for "Innocent" players, since any death for them results in a 12.5% EXP loss.
  • Charm of Loss is mainly thought for players with White or Yellow Skulls.
  • Charm of War is mainly intended for Outlaws, since it negates all EXP Loss from Red Skulls, or Exiled players who seek to reduce as much EXP Loss as possible.
  • If the EXP % you lost on death is lower than the loss reduction of your equipped charm, the charm is consumed anyway.

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