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Collectible dolls in the likeness of the staff teams pets!

Harvey-plush.png Harvey Plush Represents Liam's cat Harvey.
Pineapple-plush.png Pineapple Plush Represents Mombi's cat Pineapple.
Boo-plush.png Boo Plush Represents Egon's dog Boo.


Miscellaneous collectibles from various events.

Mace-32.png Duck Smasher Given to participants of the "Ducket List" forum event.
Mace-9.png Ban Hammer Given out to Community Moderators or during special events.
Ring-none-3.png Liam's Blessing Given to the first 20 players to reach level 50.
Axe-17.png Zero's Reaver Given to and named after the first knight to reach level 50.
Bow-12.png Lupin's Bow Given to and named after the first ranger to reach level 50.
Staff-33.png Godman's Staff Given to and named after the first mage to reach level 50.

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