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Enchanters empower weapons and equipment with varying elemental effects in exchange for materials. Enchanting armor means you gain a 5% protection bonus against that specific type of damage (up to 20% if you enchant all four possible pieces), and in the case of your weapon it changes the attack element.

Each different enchant requires a different type of material, and the amount required depends on the level of the item being enchanted (see: material cost on the relevant enchanter page).

Name Expertise Location Gear Level Range
Troll-knight.png Harvey Element-0.png Physical Kolasi (B3) 30-100
Troll-mage.png Squidge Element-7.png Mana Kolasi (B3) 30-100
Widow.png Parker Element-3.png Nature Cuddle Corner (B1) 30-100
Hedge.png Hedge Element-1.png Fire Mossy Shelf 30-100
Hog.png Hog Element-4.png Ice Cyclopian Lands 30-100
Crab.png Shell Element-2.png Energy Pit of Suffering (B3) 30-100

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