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Ferrys transport players around the realm in exchange for Currency and sometimes Items. Destinations usually have a recommended level as guidance, though you can choose to travel anyway if you think you are strong enough. Ferrys can only be used by active Supporters.

Name Location Destinations
Cyclops.png Blind Cyclops Cyclopian Lands Braconis
Cyclops.png Deaf Cyclops Braconis Cyclopian Lands
Sam.png Kel Emberton Gilead
Farthing Wood
Sam.png Lisa Gilead Emberton
Lorule Fortress
King's End
Thief.png Captain Uwu Farthing Wood Jericho
Hunter.png Captain Owo Jericho Farthing Wood
Orc-worker.png Fisherman Zugg Lorule Fortress King's End
Orc-worker.png Fisherman Bork King's End Gilead
Lorule Fortress
Karon.png Karon The Abyss (B4) Realm of Loss

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